Puzzles Mat Jigsaw Roll


Acquire our Puzzles Mat Jigsaw Roll so you won’t be bothered by the annoying creases made by folding as the mat always stays flat. The color of the mat helps you to easily sort and contrast without any color confusion. This is convenient for rolling up. You can control the tube-based firmness on how much air you add and would not bend your pieces when you use a soft and inflatable tube. You can put the bands as close together or far apart and as close to or far away from the ends of the tube as you choose, based on the size of your puzzle. Have fun and get yours now!


  • Brand New and High Quality
  • With an Inflatable Tube.
  • With 3 Fixing Bands
  • Bigger mat for up to 1500 pieces puzzle
  • Durable


  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Material: Felt
  • Puzzle Style: Puzzle mat
  • Style: Other